Wednesday, 24 June, 2009

Rules bent at their convenience...

Maha govt for Marathi number plates in Mumbai : Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Mumbai: The Maharashtra government is going to seek permission of the Central Government to allow Marathi number plates on the vehicles in the city.
Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil said in the State Council that English number plate is must as per the Motor Vehicle Act 1989. Marathi number plate can be used by the owner besides the English plate. The state government needs approval from the Centre to amend the Act and introduce Marathi number plates on the vehicles in the city, the minister said. Patil also assured that the matter will be taken in to the cabinet meeting soon. The issue of Marathi number plate was raised by Shiv Sena MLC Diwakar Raote. He said carrying Marathi number plate is crime in the state. RTO officials impose fine on such number plates, Patil added.

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