Saturday, 29 August, 2009

Saturday Photohunt for a... Surprise

I have been away from Photoblogging since more than 2 weeks, and i return back since i realise how terribly i miss this blog (even though not a single person has even realised that i was gone)

I submit this photograph to photohunt whose theme this week is SURPRISE....

These two surprised my sister Mansi, by perching on her balcony one beautiful morning. I thank her for her contribution towards my photoblog. Thanks sis u

Saturday, 8 August, 2009

Saturday Photohunt - Low

This LOW mileage bike was on display at R-City mall, Ghatkopar (West). This bike was made of wood, used for promotion of the store called 'The EARTH'.
Very creative idea..according to me.
This post will be submitted for Saturday Photohunt where the theme for this week is LOW

Friday, 7 August, 2009

Skywatch Friday -

As a child I always used to imagine various things in the shape of the clouds. While travelling back from work, I found a huge image in the sky in clouds. I leave it to your imagination of what you can make out of this image.
I submit this task of imagination to my other friends at skywatch Friday

Wednesday, 5 August, 2009

ABC Wednesday- C for Creeper

My mom and I have always had a fascination for gardening. When we moved to a new house, we lost the space we used to get for planting plants and creepers.

Today morning, my mom surprised me by giving me a new creeper in my very own balcony. Perfect alphabet for me. C for Creepers.

This is a post for ABC Wednesday...**Kindly bear with the quality of the picture**

Tuesday, 4 August, 2009

Its My world - Tuesday

Walkover bridges...!! The new name for convenience and safety. Thats my new world advancing towards development.

This post is a submission for Itsmyworld-Tuesday. For more worlds on the here.

Monday, 3 August, 2009

Monochrome Monday

This image is courtesy - My sister, Mansi, who was kind enough to click this picture at a restaurant she has dinner with my brother-in-law. Beautiful Lampshade... I agree sis! Thanks again.

I submit this image for Monochrome Maniacs.

Saturday, 1 August, 2009

Photohunt Saturday - Entertainment

The new buses in my city now have something to entertain the commuters who spend 1/4th of their day travelling in these buses. For me, thats entertainment.

This post goes to Saturday Photohunt.