Saturday, 24 July, 2010

Monsoon is here to stay - Black and white Weekend

I am back on my photoblog, and really hope to be regular on this.

Monsoon brings a certain smile on my face all the time, and adds the most color in everything around me. Somehow everything looks so much more fresh around the most dull surroundings. Since the theme for the weekend is Black and White Weekends, I hope I have been able to capture the freshness of this plant even without the color. :)

I submit this post for Monochrome weekends @ The weekend in Black and White. For more monochrome images, click HERE.

For your records: Here are the themes for the days of the week:

Saturday: Black and White Weekends
Sunday: Straight out of a camera
Monday: Moody Monday
Tuesday: Its My World - Tuesday
Wednesday: ABC Wednesday
Thursday: Pet Pride Thursday
Friday: Sky watch Friday


Dragonstar said...

I like it. The leaves are so glossy and healthy, and they make a great design.

Volker Becker said...

Yes,Tavni, your capture was successfull. I can almost feel the freshness of the leaves.