Wednesday, 4 August, 2010

A hint of Greece - Its my World - Tuesday & ABC Wednesday - C for Culture

I submit a double post today for It's My World - Tuesday and ABC Wednesday - C for Culture, trying to cope up with the backlog of posts for last 2 days. :)

Somehow I feel that this picture is eligible for both the blogs, because I love the way the builder has incorporated Greek style of architecture in this design. We have now come into a world where exchange of cultures are not only a part of our lifestyle and thinking, but also a part of now our architectural style. I look forward to days when Indian monuments will be an inspiration to the designs of third-world-countries too. 

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Anna said...

'Culture' is a big word and a great c-word! There is so much that is culture. I used this word on a post yesterday, something about French culture.
Greek columns are to be found all over the world. Go to any older bank in Virgina in the United States! The Colonial Style there has a hint of Greece.

My C-word is small and simple, cats, but even a little cat is a whole world.
Best wishes,
Anna's Cats

brenda w said...

This is a beautiful building. Thanks for sharing!

Roger Owen Green said...

Great combo post!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team